How to substitute for Psyllium Husks

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IMG_0109Psyllium husks is commonly found in many lowcarb recipes for breads and cakes.
However, there are many who either don’t like this ingredient or can’t eat it because of upsets after ingesting this fiber. So the question I’ve been asked is, what can we use as substitute?
This is what I suggest:

For 1 tblsp Psyllium husk count:
1 – 2 tblsps coconut flour
2 – 3 tblsps Pofiber*
1/2 tblsp Carob flour
or a mixture of all these

Substitute by trying a bit at a time until you get it right. Much depends on whether you are making a batter or a dough. Stickiness will be a major factor if you try to mold something by hand.
Most sticky dough can be formed with wet hands, but if you feel excessive stickiness, add flour until you have the right consistency.
If the dough is to be baked in a form or pan, its consistency is less of a problem.
The best way to arrive at the right amount/combination of substitutes is to try the different suggestions and note the results, as my directions are general, not set in stone.

*Pofiber is a Swedish product from SEMPER, not yet available in the US. If you can handle gluten, Oat Fiber from Netrition might work. Oat Fiber is pure fiber, NOT oat flour.


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